Corporate Responsibility

A Responsible Company

We aspire to not only be a responsible business but also to achieve the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Here are some of the things we do:


We always:

  • respect the law;
  • keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent;
  • conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights.


We always promote:

  • Safety and fair dealing
  • Respect toward the consumer
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices

Protect the environment

Crouch Electrical recognises the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. We’ll always follow best practice when disposing garbage and using chemical substances.  Stewardship will also play an important role.

Protect people

We’ll ensure that we do not risk the health and safety of our employees and community.

Donations and aid

Our company may preserve a budget to make monetary donations. These donations will aim to advance the arts, education and community events, alleviate those in need.

Preserve the environment

Apart from legal obligations, our company will proactively protect the environment.

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