Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Consultation and Quotation

EV Charging

Whether you are looking for electric vehicle charging units for an entire development, or just one for your home, we can help.

Once you make contact, we will arrange a time to provide an initial consultation with you to establish your needs and this is also an opportunity for you to ask any initial questions you may have. This is usually carried out on the telephone. Following the initial consultation, we will arrange to carry out a site survey so we are able to provide an accurate quotation for you.

EV Chargepoint Partners

We work with a variety of manufacturers of charge points and tailor our service to meet your requirements. Whether you need advice on the best charge point to suit your needs or you have a specific unit in mind, get in touch to discuss how we can help.

EV Chargepoint Grant for flat owners and tenants

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) offers an ‘electric vehicle chargepoint grant’ for people who own and live in a flat, or rent any residential property.

Please note that the ‘Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant’ has replaced the ‘Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) which ended in March 2023:

- The OZEV EV Chargepoint grant provides up to £350 or 75% off the cost of purchasing and installing a home charging point.

- You can only claim one charge point per eligible vehicle and household.

- The grant is available for people who live in a rented property or own a flat with dedicated off-street parking.

Full eligibility criteria can be found on the Government website.

How do I claim the OZEV grant?

If you think you qualify for the grant, all you need to do is get in touch with us to discuss whether you fulfil the criteria and provide any supporting documents. We will assess the information, provide a quotation for the work and with your agreement, will apply for the grant on your behalf. Once the grant is approved, we will arrange a time to carry out the installation.

EV Chargepoint and Infrastructure grants for landlords

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) offers 2 grants for landlords installing charge points for electric vehicles:

- an EV chargepoint grant

- and EV infrrastructure grant

EV Chargepoint grant

An EV chargepint grant gives you money off the cost of installing an electric vehicle charge point socket. You can get either £350 or 75% off the cost to buy and install a socket, which ever amount is lower.

Each financial year, you can get up to 200 grants for residential properties.

EV Infrastructure grant

An EV infrastructure grant gives you money off the cost of wider building and installation work that's needed to install multiple chargepoint sockets.

The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future. For example, an EV infrastructure grant can cover things like wiring and posts.

You can get up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost of the work. The amount depends on how many parking spaces the work covers.

You can get up to 30 infrastructure grants each financial year.


You can apply for the EV chargepoint or EV infrastructure grant if you're a:

- landlord with property to let

- right to manage (RTM) company

- residents' management company (RMC)

- company or person owning the freehold of a property

- company owning a building's common areas, including shareholders who are the leaseholders

- private registered provider of social housing (PRP)

- public sector organisation 

- charity that manages or owns residential property

Full eligibility criteria can be found on the Government website.

If you wish you discuss how working with Crouch Electrical can help secure a grant for your portfolio, a team member will be happy to help.

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